Rubber roof repair in Cambridge, MA

This will be a quick overview of a rubber roof repair that we did in the summer of 2010, in Cambridge, MA. The house was a three story residential condo building, with flat roof sloped toward the center, and two roof drains positioned near the separation wall. The leaks were actually coming from a curb-mounted, vented skylight. The pitch on the skylight was below required 3 in 12 roof slope, and as we found out when we remover the flashing kit off the skylight, the rubber flashing going up the skylight frame was incomplete, too low in some places and not fully glued together, so the water was getting in around corner flashing of the skylight.

We removed the old flashing material, cleaned the repair area with EPDM rubber roofing cleaner, applied EPDM primer, and once it dried to the required tackiness, installed the uncured EPDM peel-and-stick flashing material. We installed new flashing on two lower corners of the skylight, sealed the connection between the skylight frame and flashing material, installed the aluminum counter-flashing kit back in places, and caulked all laps around new flashing.

Rubber roof repair video:

We also repaired another small roof leak, at the base of a chimney, there the overlap seam was going up the chimney, and developed a void, which allowed water to penetrate the roof.

We once again cleaned the repair area with EPDM cleaner, applied rubber roofing primer and peel-and-stick flashing material, rolled it in with silicon roller, for better adhesion, and caulked the laps with EPDM rubber lap sealant.

Total cost of this rubber roof repair in Cambridge was $395 and took just a little over two hours of repair work. If your rubber roof is leaking, give us a call at 617-444-9020 and we will arrange to get your roof repaired quickly, professionally and inexpensively.

Check out another review of a rubber roof repair in Lexington, MA, which we performed in the Fall of 2009, and look forward for more roof repair reports.

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