PVC / TPO Roof Repair

In addition to rubber roof repair, we also specialize in thermoplastic roofs, such as PVC, TPO, old Trocal roofs, etc. With years of experience in installation of PVC flat roofing in MA, we also repaired many PVC (Trocal, Sarnafil, DuraLast, IB, etc) and TPO roofs. Please see some videos of the thermoplastic roof repairs that we’ve done recently:

All PVC roof repairs below, were repair were done using Leister heat welding equipment, and new IB PVC flat roofing material.

Commercial DuraLast PVC roof repair in Cambridge MA (22 story building near Alewife T-station):

We installed over 30 patches on this 15 years old (out of warranty) DuraLast PVC roof in the summer/fall of 2011.

25 years old Sarnafil PVC roof repair in Needham, MA – (2012):

Part 1 – our second visit to this house, a year after initial repair (see below) – this time there were about 18 holes in the roof, caused likely by falling tree branches. In this wvideo, you can see us welding a PVC patch to seal one of the holes:

Part 2 – final walk-through:

Part 3 – our first visit to this house in 2010 – this time it was only one hole in the roof, cause by a carpenter who dropped a hammer on the roof.

Shattered Trocal roof repair in West Hartford, CT (2010):

Rubber Roof repair in Dorchester, (Boston) MA – 2011: