MA Rubber Roof Repair

Top 5 reasons to call us for help with your Rubber Roof Repair in Metro Boston, MA area:

  • 1) Our rubber roof repair service starts at just $395 and includes two full hours of actual repair work and all the necessary materials to properly fix your roof.
  • 2) There is No “extra charge” for emergency roof repairs.
  • 3) Our Flat Roof Repair service includes re-flashing and repair of any and all affected roof penetrations / curbs / skylights / chimneys and HVAC units, as necessary.
  • 4) We only use Carlisle and Firestone Peel-and-Stick rubber flashing material and primer.
  • 5) Our Roof re-seam is done using a 9″ peel-and-stick EPDM cover tape.

Why do Rubber Roofs Leak

EPDM rubber roofs often leak because the bonding adhesive fails to keep the seams togethe. Once the adhesive breaks down in between the seams, the water starts pouring in, ruining your insulation rotting the roof substrates, and causing thousands of dollars in damages to you furniture, personal belongings and business equipment/inventory.

At MA Rubber Roof Repair, we specialize in EPDM rubber roofing maintenance, and we can fix flat roof leaks by re-seaming and re-flashing overlapping seams, and curb flashings.

We can stop your rubber roof leaks and significantly extend the life of your roof, by performing rubber roof repair, which will be only a fraction of the cost of installing a new flat roof.

We provide rubber roof repair services to both Residential and Commercial customers. All repairs are performed by EPDM-certified roof mechanics, and you will get the best in workmanship and materials quality.

Materials included in your roof repair:

All normal flashing materials are included in the repair. That means we will supply all uncured EPDM Flashing material to patch corners, pipe penetrations, voids in seams, and any other sources and causes of your flat roof leaks.

The only thing excluded form materials is if we have to install cover tape over long seams – those are priced by the linear foot. Depending on the width of the cover tape required for the repair job, and the condition of the roof / amount of cleaning / prep work, and presence of ballast on the roof will determine the price per linear foot of seam cover tape.

Cover tape seam repair:

On average you would be looking at $11 per foot of 6 inch cover tape and $12 per foot of 9″ cover tape. W can also install a 12″ cover tape, but usually if you need to use 12″ cover tape it’s probably time to replace your roof all together, as there have been too many repairs done on your roof.

MA Rubber Roof Repair - overlap re-seam with 9" EPDM cover tape

What if 2 hours is not enough to finish the roof repair work?

It is best that you email us pictures of your roof, before we arrive at the job site. This way we will be better prepared to handle your roof repair. However, even with pictures, we are not always able to really tell you exactly how long it will take, to repair your roof.

For additional work over 2 hours – we charge $100 per hour (with materials) for the time over the first two hours, billed in 1/2 hour increments. In most cases 2 hours is plenty of time however.

Why we do not provide roof repair estimates

Because roof repairs are “low volume” it does not make sense for us to do “repair estimates” for $500 jobs. We would waste too much time driving around. That is why we have a fixed price for the repair call. You know upfront what you are paying and if there is extra work required – you get a price quote – not a bill.

Of course there are situations when if we open up a roof, we know right away it will take more than 2 hours, but we will inform you about it before we open up your roof, and will most likely know this might be a possibility, based on pictures of your roof, that you email us.

Examples of our work:

Rubber roof repair and copper chimney flashing in Lexington, MA

Rubber flat roof skylight repair in Cambridge, MA

PVC / TPO / Termoplastic flat roof repair

For homeowners of Steep Roofs in Boston Area

If you happen to live in a home that has an asphalt shingle, or slate roof that needs to be replaced, we can replace your old roof with a new metal roof anywhere in Massachusetts. You can also get a new metal roof in many areas in Connecticut, and New Hampshire.

To schedule a rubber roof repair in metro Boston MA area, South Shore, North Shore or Metro West areas call us today: 617-444-9020